Tarek Saier


Ph.D. student in the research group Web Science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

GitHub profile github.com/IllDepence

Personal website sirtetris.com

Curriculum vitae /cv


I’m interested in the areas of scholarly data, digital archives, IT security, and language. Currently I focus on multilingual scholarly data.

My undergraduate years primarily revolved around IT security (especially web and mobile security) but also mark the beginning of my extracurricular journey into the realms of language and intercultural communication.

As a graduate student I got into information retrieval, recommender systems, etc.; attained a decent command of the Japanese language and gained invaluable experience through study, work and research in multilingual environments.

Now, in the role of a Ph.D. student, I’ve set my topical compass bearing towards citations—in the sense of document interlinkings and a vehicle for discourse.

scholarly data / digital archives

it security